GATES M5133 GATESWAY Tube audio control console.

Manual (IB2007) date of Feb 9, 1956.  This vintage uses the 5879 preamp tubes in mic preamplifiers and the program amp input stage.

This early GATESWAY had a rounded meter opening on the front panel and used a 3 position outboard panel and shelf assembly for three plug in modules.  The consoles of this era that I own are green with a white taper centered at the VU meter.

The plug in modules are:
MON4 M4175 Monitor Amplifier 
PWR3 M5000 regulated power supply 
PWR10 M4453 bias supply.  

Price includes documentation for all that is listed above 24.95 M5133

GATES M5133B GATESWAY Tube Audio Control console.

Manual (IB888) Date of Feb 6, 1962.  This vintage uses the 6267 / EF-86 preamp tubes in mic preamplifiers and the program amp input stage. Two tone smoke gray finish (light gray taper at the VU meter area) and a square VU meter opening.

This "B" version uses a rackmount chassis with the swing down front panel that houses  the monitor amp,  relays and power supply most of which is on a printed circuit board. This deck is numbered M5548F.

Price includes documentation for the M5533B console and the M5548F power deck.


There are three versions of the GATESWAY TUBE CONSOLE
read below to choose the manual you need

GATES M5133C GATESWAY Tube Audio Control Console.

Manual (IB888) Printed in late 1960's. The only differences that can be seen between the "B" version and the "C" version is that the manual itself looks more modern, the instruction book number is the same (IB888) and the paint scheme is a bit different, the "C" version is a lighter gray.  Oh and the rectifier tube is a 5AR4 instead of 5V4 in some C versions.  There may be other differences that I have yet to discover, Please email if you know of any.




GATES M6541A GATESWAY II Solid State transistor Audio Control Console.

Manual printed on May 9, 1967

Missing pages 1 and 2 but the technical documentation such as description and schematics are complete for this model.


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